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Dr. Cynthia Herbert writes about the real rewards that support higher-order thinking. 


Why following the curiosity of children is important from The Missing Alphabet author Susan Marcus.

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Cynthia Herbert, PhD, Susan Marcus & Susie Monday

Authors of The New World Kids Programs

Cynthia Herbert, Susan Marcus and Susie Monday are among the five co-founders of The Learning About Learning Educational Foundation, a future-oriented R+D institution in Texas (1968-1985) doing applied research in creativity, media, individuality and play. They are long-time collaborators in translating the research of the Foundation into accessible media — designing programs, materials and exhibitions for teachers, parents, children and museums.

Dr. Herbert, with a background in arts, education and developmental psychology, is former Director of the Texas Alliance for Education and the Arts. In the 70's, she directed LAL's Laboratory School in San Antonio, chosen as a national model in learning through the arts. She is the author of New World Kids at School: The Teachers' Guide to Creative Thinking. As a specialist in Differentiated Instruction, she provides educators with the strategies and support to help diverse children learn, create and thrive.



Susan is a graphic designer, program creator, mother of two and has co-authored Everychild’s Everyday (Doubleday) and When I Was Just Your Age (University of North Texas Press). She lives in Austin.




Susie has also worked as a journalist, children’s museum designer and consultant. At present, she works primarily as a textile artist and teacher in her studio in the Texas Hill Country.

 Responding to the imperatives of 21st century literacy, they have collaborated once again to create New World Kids: The Foundational Programs in Creative Thinking for Young Children and co-authored a new book, The Missing Alphabet: A Parents' Guide to Developing Creative Thinking in Kids (Greenleaf, 2013)